68 69 struts re thread dies

Has anyone rethreaded the struts, I have a replacement from WCCC. I am checking to see exactly the re thread dies. Thank you.

I did. They are not in a typical tap and die set, too big. I bought an Army surplus set off eBay that was huge and it was included. I think I paid $20 plus shipping for the entire set. It is in a nice wooden case.

Ty do you know the strut threading? I am checking 3/4 16 and 5/8 18 I’ll check the set you mentioned

The threads are 11/16" -18 UNEF. Good luck.

While 11/16" is an uncommon size, the 2 thread sizes normally available are either 20 or 24 per inch. You might want to double check with a thread gauge.
The 3 sizes I found for 11/16" were NC - 11, UNF - 20, UNEF- 24.
There is a 1-1/6" UNEF 18 that is listed on some charts without the hyphen, 1 1/6" 18 that can be
miss read.
The 20 and 24 dies are both on Amazon or if the threads aren’t boogered up too bad a thread file has a 20 tooth file on it. (great tool to have)

Here is the tap I used to make new ‘nuts’.

I don’t understand why you would make your own nuts when they can be purchased readily.

Strut Rod Nuts 380460-S100

Yep, live and learn. You might note that the tap on Amazon is listed as a UNEF, extra fine? when the tap itself is marked UNS,- Unified National Special size threads.
I found it best described as “The S is used when a thread is designated which does not meet any of the above parameters.” The “above” referred to:
UN = Unified National Fixed Pitch Series
UNC = Unified National Coarse Series 11/16" -11
UNF = Unified National Fine Series 11/16" -20
UNEF = Unified National Extra Fine 11/16" -24
UNS = Unified National Special 11/16" -18


Thanks for the information.

The ones on Amazon are not self locking and are not dyed red. Kinda dangerous.