68 Base Model Quarter Panel Replacement

It’s time to tackle this job and I am new to metal* body work and Cougars so I need guidance from those more experienced. This part of the quarter needs replacing and I need to know if I should remove the whole thing or just center wheel well and back. The outer wheel well is damaged at the bottom. The inner WW is unaffected. The LH trunk pan and drop panel has to be replaced.

What do you recommend and why?

  • prior experience is on Corvettes

Not a body guy either but i think you need to do some more looking before you cut . The deck lid ot inside edge of the qp are not the same shape…you could make cardboart templates from the righr side to verify .and alot of measuring also

A good frame shop mighr be your best friend
They might want to grab that crumpled mess and give it a good tug before you cut anything off

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There’s a good chance that the quarter is bowed out. At that point, replace the entire quarter is probably easier than repair.
If your putting a new headliner in, the window has to come out anyway.

Thanks drdesoto. Yes, I am putting in a new headliner. I probably need to do the whole thing. I am a little worried about the aftermarket part fitment, but this may be the only option.

I would take it to a frame shop to be checked for unforeseen damage. I recommend Henry’s Frame Repair in Sanford (5508 Benchmark Ln # 112, Sanford, FL 32773). In my opinion change the entire 1/4 panel. The 67/68 Cougar Dynacorn 1/4 panels are a good quality according to WCCC and KTL Restorations. You are in central Florida so just drive to Ocala and pick one up from NPD. Good luck.