68 Cougar California Black Plate

Thats right ! 68 Cougar California Black Plate Car ! Super Solid …NO RUST…except a small area in rear of passengers side and a dime size hole in the drivers floor… YEAH RIGHT !

Yes, even though Long term California cars do not typically suffer the ravages of rust the conditions can develop from poor storage, being close to the coast and other issues. Looks like one of yours suffered from a leaky heater core that dripped or ran onto the floor and travels the floor board on that side. Bought a Cal Special years ago after dark :unamused: and didn’t check it as well as I should have and missed exactly the same thing. Had gotten complacent after buying tons of local cars over the years.

Of course you can never trust an owner or the person selling a car. Inspect and confirm as everyone’s level of what is rust or a little rust is very different. Too many stories to share everything from “that’s not rust” to “that’s no longer a car”

Have fun with the repairs and good luck


Nice job!

Is the car still in California?

She is still in surgery a few days away from moving on from floor pan replacement to clutch pedal installation. Then the Stroked 351C and Toploader 4 speed will be next…followed by the Global West Suspension and the 3:25 geared posi 9 inch rear. Funny thing is…the car was swapped out for 2 351C engines and a Tunnel Ram…I already had the running gear,suspension 4 speed, Hurst Shifter etc etc. The Surgery is being performed in NY.
YES…the post recently of the rust free Cougar shell being GIVEN AWAY …has me listing my house for sale and moving out west…BUT…as an OG East Coast Idiot …I stay !

I figured I would post the pics that gave me “The Mania” and left me no choice but to adopt this Rusty California Cat

Floors and seat pans welded in along with seat belt anchors anf parking brake attach points. Will.apply final topcoat of chassis black after returning from Wisconsin

Seeing by your latest post on this thread that Cat is in good hands.

Trying to behave and NOT put the Stuffed Port 4v CC headed, Roush single plane, solid roller cam screamer in this thing. YES…I have a race prepped C-4 and
sevral correctly geared center sections…as the good wife said…C’mon build something you can drive on the street !
Why ?
Cuz you cant race youreself !

Finally got back from extended trip to Wisconsin…and got some paint and undercoating on the RustE Cat