68 cougar header question

I’m going to be running the stock gt heads with some work done to them on the 390 I’m putting in the 68. Are there any halfway reasonably priced header options? Or should I just delay the project and buy aluminum heads with the bolt pattern that all the headers seem to be made for.

FPA makes headers to fit or stick with the stock manifolds. Not cheap headers, but cheaper then buying aluminum heads. I have their headers on my track Cougar and they are the best fitting/performing headers I’ve ever owned.

Yeah, my thought is, I’m still going to have to buy the heads and have them worked (about 700$ for the heads and the work) then th headers are pretty close to 1000$ for the headers if I want them coated, which I’m pretty sure I do. At that point In not that far off of aluminum heads and headers

I’ll second the FPA FE headers !
They are bolt up and install (428 C.J engine/C-6 trans. bolted as a unit) fairly easy install.
I had to drop the power steering ram.

If your car has wrap around shock towers,it will be a tighter fit :smiley:

When you say wrap around shock towers, what do you mean?

Big blocks got them after mid May 68
For strength issues

You mean the bracing that comes from the cowl to the shock tower?

No, added sheet metal around the lower part of the shock tower. Standard shock towers have an added plate on the inside of the tower where the upper control arm bolts are. On the reinforced towers that plate goes around to the front and rear of the tower. Sorry o don’t have any pictures now. I’m on my phone.

here is a big block shock tower with the wrap around brace at the bottom that is being referred too.

Oh yeah, I’ve got those I’m pretty sure