68 Cougar starter wiring problems.

I’m a novice with a 68 Cougar 302 auto.the car is a basket case, restoring.no dash installed, doing that now, Installed new ignition switch and switch harness. Car started but starter stayed engaged after start until you turn the key off. I then unpluging the pink resistor wire and switch would do nothing , starter will do nothing and switch is dead.If I start the engine with a remote maint. starter button all works fine starter does not stay engaged, Tried two different ignition switches and two different solenoid switches, same results. Wiring is not my bag. Thank You very much.

Hmm, this sam problem was just discussed in this post

However for your specific issue,

Car started but starter stayed engaged after start until you turn the key off. I then unpluging the pink resistor wire and switch would do nothing , starter will do nothing and switch is dead.

indicates that either your ignition switch is wired incorrectly or you have inadvertently removed another connection from the S post. The pink resistor wire connects to the ignition switch’s C post (Coil or ignition). In order to start the car, the ignition switch applies power to the switch’s S terminal (Start).

Let me know if you need any additional information

Coach Jack

Pink resistor wire should be inside the passenger compartment and has very little to do with the functioning of the starter itself and it not dis-engaging when the key goes from CRANK to RUN.

I will double check the wiring on the ignition switch and the pink wire is under the dash and if I unplug it from the switch nothing happens at all , starter will not do anything. I hooked up wire for wire on the switch and double check wires to coil etc… all looks as it should ? Thank you

Please describe better what you mean when you unplug the pink resistor wire from the ignition switch. There should be a second wire on that pin that provides RUN-only voltage for various other items. You should not be unplugging that wire. There’s a red/blue wire from the ignition switch that goes to the neutral safety switch (if automagic trans) or is jumpered (if manual trans) that continues on to the S terminal (closest small post to the battery) on the starter solenoid. That wire triggers the starter solenoid to send power to the starter motor. If the starter continues to operate, pull the 90* connector for the red/blue wire off of the starter solenoid to see if that stops the starter. If it doesn’t, then your starter solenoid is sticking. Whack it with a 2x4 (seriously!).

My starter solenoid was sticking for a couple of weeks last summer. I used a screwdriver and smacked the top of the solenoid with the handle. A couple of times I must have looked like a fool running to the front of the car, opening the hood and smacking that solenoid. Yes, hit it.

The pink wire shares a pin with a Red/Green wire and it goes to the coil as far as I can tell, when I unplugged the pink I was just doing what someone had suggested and when I did( just the pink) the ignition switch was inop.I will whack the soleniod today ! Question , I have no other electrical items hooked up like dash and etc … would this make a difference ? Thank you

Not that would keep the starter engaged after the key is returned to RUN. Think about it…if you only turned the key to RUN and the starter began to crank, then that would be an entirely different problem. No…your problem is isolated to the starter solenoid or the starter not able to disengage due to interference with the flywheel/ring gear.

Hey Guys Thank you for all of your help, I got it fixed ! I knock the hell out of a brand new solenoid and she fired up and ran ok ! Now it is all the gages and heaterbox and etc… Thanks

As Michael Jackson said: “So beat it, just beat it”. Glad you fixed it. It will probably happen again, though…

And all of you other guys, get your mind out of the gutter.