68 Courtesy Lights

Working on a 68 XR7 when I open the door the only light that comes on is the passenger door.
If I work the switches on the dash all of the lites will work pilar, under dash, door & overhead lights.

I have repair manual. But am not to good at electrical

Any ideas

Sounds like your dash switches need cleaning. You can buy a spray can of contact cleaner. Spray some on a switch then move the switch through its travel. Repeat until everything works.

Thanks Royce
All the lights work with the switches. They just don’t work when I open the door except the passenger door light. So I don’t know how the dash switches would cause the open door lights not to work.

Because the door switches only provide the ground. The power to the lamps comes through the dash switches.

Not true that door switches provide ground. The only thing that the door switches do is to provide fused power (green/yellow wires) to courtesy light power (black/blue). Grounds are at each courtesy lamp.

Good call Midlife! My bad - you are correct. Otherwise, the dash switch couldn’t turn on the lamps.
But my point is hopefully still valid - the power to the lamps comes through the dash switch even in the off position. So dirty contacts on the dash switch in the off position (or an unplugged or bad switch) can keep the courtesy lights from coming on when the door is opened.

So do I have to pull the dash apart? Or can I just spray the switches from the front of the dash?

The spray penetrates. You don’t need to take anything apart. Just do what I said.