68 Dark Blue Headliner - no where to be found?

I tried WCCC and Johns an neither of them carry the dark blue headliners that will fit my 68 HertzG. Apparently they aren’t making the material anymore.

I can have a new headliner made if I had the material. Anyone know of a good source I should try?

try these guys if your on the west coast

I have used SMS for perhaps 40 years. They are your last hope but they also should be last on the list because their customer service is terrible and has been for decades.

I would try calling WCCC and speaking to Don Rush directly. He may know who to speak with at Distinctive Industries.

SMS has the correct materials. Here is a picture of the samples they sent. for my Dark Blue interior XR7G. the headliner is sample A and the color of the seats is sample C, but made in leather D.

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