68 G valance

Any body have pictures of fog light pockets,I’m wondering if you have two holes in the top of the pocket or one,

There’s one to mount the light through and another that a rubber grommet sits in with the wiring for the fog light, and two drain holes near the bottom.
Resize of repro buckets in valance2.jpg

Thanks,that’s what I’ve seen before,mine doesn’t have the raised mounting area and only one hole.it appears it will take only the marchal light, the Lucas would require modification to the valance [CCCGallery][/CCCGallery]

All of them should be identical. Scott’s photo shows a reproduction I think. I thought Bill had the drawing but I don’t see that one posted here:

I have never seen a G front valance like the picture of the one you posted, Randy. But maybe there was a difference between those getting Marchal and Lucas lights.
The picture in my post is of the original reproduction fog light buckets that I had reproduced. The original version was pretty much an exact reproduction of the buckets out of a G front valance with Lucas lights. The later repro versions were modified with the wiring cut-outs on both sides to help the laser cutting production (the metal pieces were mirror images right to left, but the wiring holes were on the right side of the buckets when put together in the originals, later repros had holes in both sides).
I have been looking through my pictures as I’m sure I must have pictures of one of the valances out of the car, without fog lights installed. If I find something I will post it.

The one that is pictured is the first version that would be on a Hertz or early G with just one hole. The second style has a plate welded in the center that gives the light about a 1/4" more room and has a hole with grommet for the wiring.

Here is the schematic of the G front valance from the Mercury Master Parts Catalog.

And a picture of a Lucas fog light installed in a Hertz G.

It’s definitely original to the car, it is an early hertz car it’s the only one I’ve seen like it,only the marchal light will fit , the schematic sent appears to be what I have a single hole with wire through the hallow bolt ,I’ll have to get some marchal lights , others were long gone.[CCCGallery]800|1067|2019|5328

Good luck finding the Marchals. I’ve never looked into them, so I have no idea how hard they are to come by.

I see wccc has one

I found some on E-Bay.
And one narrowed down to your specific need.
Thing is that if you can figure out the correct model number you need you might be able to get away from the Shelby premium.

I’ll have to do some checking before buying

NPD sells reproduction Marchals that, according to the Shelby guys is not perfect but pretty close.


  • Phillip

We have a pair of Marchals… Here is the valance pics.



Those are cool…

They are a sharp looking light.

I believe they are off a European car and not exactly correct,the front cover was 180 out and scuffed where they have rubbed something ,they don’t have the numbers on them that wccc web sight says they should have, but I’ll work with them ,they need TLC[CCCGallery][CCCGallery]800|800|2019|5361.jpg[CCCGallery][CCCGallery]800|800|2019|5362.jpg[CCCGallery]800|800|2019|5362.jpg




[/CCCGallery][/CCCGallery][/CCCGallery]sorry with the mess I have a heck of a time doing photos

My hertz g project car that Just got delivered on 8/2, has the valance for the marchal
fog lights. This car was produced on March 1 last part of vin 547261.

Yours I see was a few days ahead of schedule also, did it come with all the special items .