68 Headlight Assembly Restoration

I think I have read every topic / posting for headlight restoration that is here, so here goes?

  1. Do you sand / sandblast the headlight covers before priming and painting black?
  2. Best tool to remove burs from chrome parts?
  3. Would powder coating black parts be an option? (not concourse)


Do not powder coat the grille halves! Way to soft and thin of material, they will melt every time.

Thanks Don!!

I just carefully ground those studs off. I don’t think there is any other way. I have to put mine back together yet though, so I am not sure if you would just try some two part epoxy or something similar when you reassemble, or just rely on the perimeter screws?
In my opinion the metal is to soft to blast, (at least with sand not sure on other media) On mine the paint wasn’t all that thick anyway so I just sanded them and painted. I’m not doing a show car, but I really like how they came out.
Now if your going to repaint the argent and black on the chrome grills…that’s fun! (IMO) lol. I’m still working on that.
There is a gal from Norway, Gry I believe she goes by. Have you seen her thread on this topic. Lots of good info on her whole restor.
Have fun!

I have not seen her thread, so I will have to try and find it. I ground mine off carefully as well and the input really helps. I will have to do some sanding to smooth the areas that were below the chrome pieces. As for the argent / black, I found a great post on that, so I have a plan there. Do you thing JB weld would work? I think the screws would hold it, but want to make sure.

I apprecaiate the guidance. here is a test run that I did on an extra cover that I had.

Perimeter screws are enough but it costs little in time and epoxy to put a drip on each stud.


Easy job but is a bit tedious but pays off 10 fold on the car. Make sure you use a heat gun to straighten your bars while your at it.

I just cleaned mine up really well and painted with SEM trim black. since my chrome was a bit sand blasted from lots of road miles I simply painted my bars argent silver but that might not fit yours tastes.

Like don said use a little jbweld on the studs during reassembly for extra insurance.

Yours looks really good. Is apoxy the best to put the Walking Cat Emblem studs and emblem corral studs back on? I see there are reproductions on WCCC. Is that a better route to go?