'68 Original Body parts for sale

I bought a '68 Cougar with solid body panels only to discover the underside was badly rusted out. I purchased a Nevada shell and now I am selling surplus parts from my original purchase. There are basic images at the link below. I can send many more detailed images after the body has been disassembled. Remember these are original (used) parts and are stronger and less likely to cause fitting issues than aftermarket repos.

  1. Roof/rear window frame $225
  2. Drivers side Rear quarter panel $490
  3. Passenger side Rear quarter panels (has some swelling on the seam directly above the tire) $390
  4. Upper and lower cowl panels $490 for both

If the buyer is unable to pick these up, I will box up and take them to the shipping depot for $50 each. Shipping charges from there must be paid by the buyer.


Floor pans are gone but if you are interested in other parts just ask and I’ll let you know.

Please contact me if you are interested.

I am in need of left and right front fenders.
Thanks Scott