68 Rear Vent Window Binding

I pulled out both of my rear regulators, replaced the broken guide bushings and greased the assemblies per the manual. Tore up my knuckles getting them reinstalled. Now however, they will crank with resistance over half way and then bind up tight. I’ve looked at the assembly the best I can and cannot detect where the binding is happening. Since it is happening on both sides I am assuming it has something to do with assembly error. Any ideas of what might be happening or what to look at?

Sounds like they might be misaligned. The service manual breaks down installation and alignment procedure steps that would help with this. I dont recall what it is off my head but I followed these on mine and it went together just fine.

Thanks DieselD. Work kept me away until today. I found a video on installing rear vents on a Mustang and confirmed user error. I didn’t remove the vertical guide and there was a lot of hardened grease on all of the guides. Removed the guide and regulator, cleaned everything up and coated with sil-glide. Put back together with the last item being the vertical guide and all is dood on both sides.

Glad you got it figured out. The rears are a little tricky but at least it’s not something you have to do on the regular