68 saddle decor interior pics

Hi guys, im looking for some pictures of a 68 with decor group saddle interior.

My cat has it but the front seats are brittle and tearing. I purchased a front and rear seat cover kit at a great price, however, even after discussing it with the seller, I believe they sent me the incorrect kit. I called Distinctive Industries who manufactures the interior, and they said that this color combo is the only one they make.

My problem with the kit is that the horizontal stripe that differentiates the decor group is a darker color on the kit. Installing the kit will make my seats not match my door panels.

I sent the seller a picture of my interior. He forwarded them to distinctive industries, who initially said that my interior must have been swapped out because “it looks too new.”

Has my interior just faded and the new kit is correct? Anyone else have a saddle decor interior in a 68 that i can compare mine to?

The first pic is the new kit, the second is my original.

You have a combination of things going on there. One of which is that the saddle color is affected by UV rays like none other, for example, look at your windshield interior A pillar trim, when your car was born they were the same color as your seats! Do know that distinctive will never get those inserts just right.

Don, does the interior color they sent me look correct ? Should I paint or dye the rest of the decor trim on the panels to match ?

The new upholstery is a much closer match to the original material than what your seats currently look like. Find areas of your interior that have never seen the sun and you will agree.