68 sun roof panel

I would like to remove the panel, book says open it 3 “, but with everything disconnected I’d rather not try and power it up. I don’t want to damage anything can I just remove the flex drive and turn it by hand, having not worked one just getting a little insight

That would work.

There is also an override. There are a couple different kinds, but mine could be done with an ordinary screwdriver. Here is where the override is and a picture of one type of tool.

Nuther picture of the override…

I have that wrench but Because it threads in and will only move the mechanism one way from an open position to the closed position in the event of a powering failure, I’ll check it out.

if the thread area is long enough on the tool, you may be able to put a nut on it ( all the way to the end of the threads ) then thread the tool into the override, and tighten the nut to keep it stationary for turning in either direction … Hope that makes sense. It’s how I install studs… I put two nuts on the stud tightened together and I can turn the stud either direction.

Just remove the motor and drive shaft and then you can turn the gearbox in either direction.

Yup that’s what I’m going to do

I haven’t had a chance to do it yet but I have to get it done I got a buyer for it. Thanks for all the input.