68 underhood pictures

I’m in the process of reassembling my 68 standard 390 w/AC. I replaced most of the sheet metal. Though I have some pictures, I’m guessing on some of the correct routing of wires/hoses, and correct clips/clamps, etc. Does anyone have good quality underhood pictures to share? I thought his would be easy to find in the forum, but I’m not having luck finding much.

Hey Andrew P,
I have used ebay motors with good results. Look at 68 mustangs for sale. Lots of underhood shots there. The enging type doesn’t really matter. The big block hides alot of what you’re trying to see. Find a 1968 6 cylinder shot because the aprons and firewall are more exposed for visual identification. Wiring routes are the same no matter the engine generally. The air conditioning routes would be different I grant you that. If you can be a little more specific about the area under the hood your looking for that might help you get detailed pictures of that area.

Also, look at some of the build threads on this fourm. Some of these cats here took engine compartment photos without the motor installed and might better show the areas your looking to see.

The 1968 Cougar Electrical Assembly manual has many detailed views of the A/C system. It also includes part numbers and locations of the clamps, etc.

This, These are great resources when reassembling. I bought my car in plastic totes, without these manuals I would have had a hard time getting it back together correctly.