68 XR7 302 AT in NJ FS

Hi Group,

I am endeavoring to help the widow of a fellow Cougar friend sell her late husband’s 68 XR7. Very nice car in a beautiful color (yes, I am somewhat partial!). Super nice paint. Going to look it over and assess potential pricing this afternoon.

1968 Cougar

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Is it an automatic?

Yes it is. Went and looked the car over very well yesterday, drove it, drives nicely, sounds nice.

I uploaded all the pictures I took, you can see them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HKE5qwwKBIDrL2gD8ec-XUvGLCQah3KJ?usp=sharing

As for the price, they paid $25K for the car and hope to recoup that money. I have my doubts they will but we shall see. Nice car.


Robert, WA2T

Forgot to mention, original, rust free floor pans, quarters appear to be rust free as well, if they were replaced it was very well done, I could not find evidence of work.

Forgot to look under air cleaner. 302 4V with Edelbrock carburetor. Added a couple pictures of this to the Google drive picture folder.

Also, it was pointed out to me by my buddy Al Buddy that the upholstery is not Cougar XR7. Probably Mustang. Interior is very nice nonetheless.

Opinions on possible selling price (etc.) welcome!



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According to the trim plate that XR7 is a 302 2V which was originally Grecian Gold Poly on the outside and Light Nugget Gold on the inside…somebody has done some work on that one! Hagerty says $23,700 in Good Condition and $29,900 in Excellent Condition so $25K does not seem outrageous if one can overlook the non-standard colors and interior…$20K would probably move it pretty quick…

Grecian Gold Poly…

Thanks Joe!

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So, did they settle on a price?

$25K is what they hope to get.

I like the color. Looks like rust bubbling up in one of the doors? Was there any other rust anywhere else?