68 xr7 manual console, std console, decor upholstery, std door panels

Since i recently sold my cat, im going to be liquidating some of the parts i compiled and didn’t sell with the car.

Some parts i will probably be listing on ebay since im not quite sure what they’re worth, others i’ll simply list on here. I’m not going to be on this site very much, so i will list my email address (b16ajdm@gmail.com) to contact me directly. Buyer will pay shipping from Los Angeles, as well as paypal fees, unless you feel comfortable paying through a method that does not charge the 3 percent fee. If you are serious and interested, email me for more info and pictures. Uploading pictures on here is too much of a PITA. Here is the direct link to the photos i have on the forum albums section. I have others in my email. https://classiccougarcommunity.com/cccgallery/visitor.php?a=476

First and probably the most desirable, a 1968 XR-7 manual transmission center console. (Non AC console)
Console is black, and it appears as if it may have been redyed at one point. When i bought it, it did not come with the wiring harness, radio bezel, or bracket. I purchased a nice bezel from Don that is missing the tabs, but is otherwise very nice with no pitting. Also bought a repro radio bracket and hardware kit. I have not yet purchased the harness. The edges of the pad appear to be delaminating around the edges, which is typical.

I will be listing the console on ebay soon, but i will entertain offers. I’m thinking about starting at around $600 for this console.

Next up is a 68 standard automatic console. (Non AC)
This console appears to have been blue and was redyed black. There are some waves in the pad. Comes with wiring and bezel. No support bracket. Probably has some misc. hardware missing. Rear courtesy lens is cracked. Roll up door works, but has some dings on it. Some pitting on shift plate. Looking to get about $350 for this one.

Also have a pair of 1968 Standard interior front and rear interior panels in black. These are probably grade b condition, if not better. No cracks in the rear panels which is pretty typical. No rips or tears. Front driver’s side has the hole for a remote mirror. I’ll get pics of these soon. Open to offers.

Have a brand new in box front a rear set of 1968 Decor interior seat covers in saddle from Distinctive Industries. These were sent to me as replacements that i never installed. Don has these listed at 568 plus shipping. I’ll take 400 obo.

Have a set of front and rear interior panels for a 67 decor interior. These were in a desert car so they are a faded more than usual, but still very usable. Would probably be best to install new backing boards to the fronts. The rear backers have some cracks but are still holding together. Would prefer not to ship these as they are brittle and would probably be damaged during shipping. I have not unboxed these so no pictures yet. If you’re interested, i’ll pull them out and photograph.

Once again, email me for more info to get a faster response. b16ajdm@gmail.com.

Hi, did you sell the XR7 console? If not I am interested. Thanks