69 428 4 speed

Not mine, but If I had the $$$ it would be!!!


Interesting. Wonder if the car is a real eliminator with a real 428CJ? Wonder if it was originally blue? A Marti Report would sure help.

That one comes up for sale somewhat regularly. It’s a sort of a “rebody” / Tribute. Donor car was a Q-code Eliminator that had been totaled and everything was put onto an H-code Cougar. Block is supposedly a 390 out of a truck, bored out to 428. Trans, rear end (31 spline), exhaust, seats, wheels, scoop and wing are supposedly all from the original car. Those seats are from a '70 though, so that story can’t be completely true.

Haven’t been able to get any VINs on it, for either the Q-code or the H-code. Trans VIN stamp is probably the only way to get the Q-code VIN at this point.

Still, $32k for sharp looking car to cruise around in and turn heads doesn’t sound too bad.

I can verify this is true, I talked to the owner on the phone a couple years ago when I saw this pop up on racingjunk.com If I remember right he told me the totaled Eliminator was a '70 which explained the seats.

Ah! That makes more sense. Except for the '69 door panels… :think:
Either way, quite the mish mash of Cougar stuff!

I don’t know. For the money I see shortcuts, sloppiness and inattention to detail. It looks like the door data plate and door latch on the left door have been painted over. It looks like there is weatherstrip on the trunk opening lip. The hood bumpers and horns are missing. It looks like it has 70 quarter glass on the left side and 69 quarter glass on the right side. And that is just what shows in the photos.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Looking at this post I have to agree with Cathouse, not a lot of attention to detail for an asking price of 32K, I look at the condition of my car in and out and see the value that Hagerty puts on it (15K) and wonder if there are people out there are paying these kind of prices.