69 428 Battery/Starter cable set- SOLD

Used just 1 month and then switched out for heavy duty set. Repro and in excellent shape. 6 gauge with correct colors, markings and terminals. $40. In Dallas, pick or shipping ok.

Did you think they weren’t heavy enough ?

In hindsight they were fine. Turned out that after I changed them, I found that my alternator harness was damaged, so fixed that and no further issues. But I left in the HD ones that I bought, so these are an extra.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing them. I’m bigtone. Tony Please contact me at paolercios@gmail.com , or call/text to 239-671-3370. Do you Venmo ?

Called and left a message. yes, Venmo is fine. Just text me your address for shipping estimate to the number I called from. Ty JSV