69 428

I am new to this site. Does anyone know the production numbers of my 1969 XR7 hardtop, 428 CJ with ram air and 4 speed? I have been trying to find out but I keep seeing different totals.

Get Kevin Marti’s book Cougar by the Numbers for all kinds of production statistics. There were 139 XR-7 R code 4 speed hardtop '69 Cougars built.

Do you know if the Ram air came with them or was an option? Also my stripe on the hood is faded, are they supposed to be black or the color of the vinyl top in my case its white.

In 69 if the 5th digit in your serial # is R then it came with Ram Air.
The stripe on hood would be determined by color of car.

Yes the fifth number is R so I guess it is an original Ram Air car. Thanks for the information.