69 / 70 cougar electric headlight motor conversion kit

Heres a little teaser video…coming soon…the 69/ 70 cougar headlight motor conversion kit… email me at catheadlights@hotmail.com for more info

Looking good.

Just finished up the kit for the 70…the owner is completely satisfied and excited to have the 69 finished as well. Now to write up some directions. The 69 kit should be finished next week. Then direction write up. No cutting, no welding, bolt in, NO GRILL REMOVAL, remanufactured motor with speed adjustabilty. Looks like I should have some kits available by June. Free shipping anywhere in the US.

1970 kits are being produced and will be available shortly,1969 will be available soon…speed adjustable…Watch GEARZ on tues 11 jun for my 67 68 speed adjustable kit featured on the 67 v8 interceptor

What will the price be on the 69 kit.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU1Kqx2Gm5Y i have finally finished the 70 kits and are now in production. I anticipate the completion of the 69 kit next week. I will post when they are officially for sale and send out a mass email.

Sir, that kit looks really good. Very interested in a kit for a '70. Can you email me info, pictures and price? Does it work off the factory headlight switch, or a separate switch? Any and all info would be great.
Thanks, Andy

Just curious, why would there be a difference between the 69 kit and the 70 kit?

If you look on the WCCC site they sell different vacuum motors for each year, different part numbers for 69 and 70. Also all you have to do is look at the front of a 69 and a 70 and you can tell they don’t use exactly the same front end. Since his kits reuse existing holes where possible (at least, the one I got from him for my 68 does) then it seems to make sense that he would want to at least verify the fit of his 70 kit on a 69, or vice versa. I know I would!

I went and looked and yes, they do have a different part for '69 vs/ '70 The only difference I can see is the coloring of the rod. But, I have not seen a '70 in this area in person (my original '70 HT had a '69 nose) so I am not sure. But, they look awfully similar/the same and thus my wondering. The actuator is very nearly or perhaps identical even if the grille itself looks totally different.

It might just come down to the holes he would design the mounting bracket to use. Maybe 69 and 70 have different holes available in that area. And again, at the very least, it would be good to test the already designed kit to be certain it’s a drop in for both years, before selling it as such, no?


Ok, here’'s a little info…the holes for the vacuum actuator are different between 69/70, except…late 69, which is like 70.
My mount can be used on either car with just a simple change of bolt placement, except, the kit requires different spring mounts for either year,and a few other changes, thus , the time…trial and error. The kits are speed adjustable , which had to be mandatory to allow the opening and closing to look right, because those grills are HEAVY. These kits are truly something, the hardest part being…unbolting your old vacuum actuator and plugging the vacuum line at the engine, or pulling up the carpet to find the dimmer switch wire, it’s that easy really. Also, it takes a lot of time to wire the speed control by hand, so sorry for the wait everyone…but expect the video for the 69 this weekend. Also, to answer the other question, no extra switch, turn your headlights on and the doors open. Pics and video…please be patient.

If the hardest parts are removing the existing vac motor (which you’d have to do even if replacing it with another vac motor) and getting at the wire splice point, that is exactly the same as my experience with the 68 kit. In other words, easy enough for a noob like me to get through it. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’ve got even more kits on the market. Keep up the good work!!


Add another 2 weeks to the 69 kit, sorry…fix one small problem another pops up…and vacation time. I am also experimenting with ways to minimize the production time process. Just another small part change from the 70 cougar.
I am going to release the 70 kits shortly.

Sir, when available please put me down for a '70 kit. Let me know by email or call, or let me know how to contact you for purchase…
Thanx, Andy

Final testing for the 1970 kits, should be available in two weeks.

I am slowly returning emails and shipping kits…slowly.

Kits are available. Email me at. Catheadlights@hotmail.com to order

is this available for the 69 yet? is there a website that you can actually see the kit?