69 70 front fender question

Are 69 and 70 front fenders the same ? Wondering if 70 eyebrow mouldings will fit a 69…having trouble finding a decent driver set…if that’s the case could you use a 70 hood, grille and bumper on a 69 and make it look like a 70 ? …not that I ever would …just wondering

69 and 70 eyebrow moldings are not the same. The fender extensions are different.

There are some cases where owners have installed 70 front clips on a 69 and probably vice versa.

You cannot mix and match. We have decent used eyebrow mouldings.


FWIW, I believe the fenders (alone, not including the extensions) will interchange but the marker light openings are smaller on the 69 fender.

but I don’t have any cores Don

I would place a wanted ad on this site and watch ebay as at least one set a month pops up there.


Keep in mind I would give extra credit for any 1970 extension trim turned in with your 69 trim

Just curious will a 69 hood fit a 70 cougar I want to change the whole front end of my 70 really like the look of the 69


You will also need the bumper, gravel guard(Between the bumper and Grill the Grill and all supports and the 69 Head light door actuator to make it all work.

This is true. It is easier to go a 69 fender on to a 70 as all one has to de is open up the marker light openings. The other way around one must fill the hole to make it smaller.