69/70 Longer Wiper Arms?

Just put beam style blades on my DD and am very happy with them. Got to thinking it would be nice (since Isabel is a resto-mod anyway) perhaps to put larger blades on her (although I do not willingly drive her in rain so perhaps not is an equal possibility - just mulling this over). This of course would involve needing longer wiper arms for anything more than perhaps an inch longer blades.

I have not made any measurements but it looks to me like there is a lot of area not covered on the windshield.

Also, for the newer style blades (beam or otherwise), the “bayonet” style mounting (like the originals use) is accomodated but it seems pretty hokey to me, at least on the Trico “Flex” blades I bought for the DD. To that end, if this idea were to pan out, I would want to use the “shepherds hook” end style of arm.

So after having said all that drivel (did it make any sense?), has anyone identified or used other than OEM wiper arms which will go onto the spline of the 69/70 wiper transmission pivots? I think our boat has the same splines (but not positive) and has longer, “shepherds hook” style arms, these are auto arms I am sure.

Looks like '94 'Stang (of which I happen to own one) might be just the ticket. Will have to look that over when I get home…

Dorman 42632 and 42633 BTW.


I have driven Mistress Jessica in the ran on a few occassions and you are absolutely right about how little of the windshield gets wiped by the stock arrangement. I would be very interested to see what you come up with on this. So far Rain-X is our friend!

Here’s the first update: '94 and up arms are NG, the splines they fit on are HUGE!!!

Second update: '80-'93 Ford (used on Fox moostangs) are 18.75" in length with pin type end (Dorman 42812). This is too long for '69/'70 cats.

The stock arm ends are positioned very close to centered (vertically) on the WS so they are the right length as is to accommodate longer blades. Bought a pair of Trico 18-1 blades this afternoon and they fit with no interference, the PS is very close (but clears) 'vert WS header trim. The DS has room to spare and so I will be trying a Trico 19-1 for fit during the week, think it too will clear and will maximize wiper coverage on the '69/'70 WS.

The only issue is I would (ideally) like to find Trico Classic (like OEM) silver blades so they match the silver arms (instead of the Trico satin/semi-gloss black). Supposedly the Trico Classics come in 18" but I have yet to find them or definitive information on what style arm they attach to ('69/'70 arms are 7mm Bayonet style attachment). The possible color coordinations here are: Paint the Trico blades silver (there are some nice paints for this). However, I feel they will be too big/gawdy looking. The other alternative is to paint the stock arms black, I think this is my preference.

I will also keep stock arms/blades handy in the event that I feel at any given car show would appreciate the stock type more (or if I change my mind for form vs. function). The practical side, however, has it hands down with the 19"/18" combination I anticipate arriving at.


Third update: 19" DS, 18" PS is the shizzle. Will post a couple of pictures once I blast and paint some spare wiper arms to complete the project/mod.