69 70 Parts for sale

I have a large assortment of 69 and 70 parts that have been collected over the years from parts cars and builds. Looking to make space in the shop and get rid of doubles/triples of things. If there’s anything you are looking for specifically please let me know otherwise I just took pictures of everything as there was too much to list. Many different colored interior parts too. Located in northern Illinois.

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Will the seats fit a 69? front and rear


do you have any decent XR 7 door pulls and/or arm rests in Saddle?

Would you happen to have a set of seat belts for a 70 XR7 convertible? I also need a set of white XR7 door panels. Let me know if you have either please.

Interested in both dash pads and likely will be able to pick them up. Thanks ! Dave

Do you have a ‘69 lower dash for an AC car?

looking for a C6 PGB-AF1 transmission tag ty

Yes have brackets on them.

I have one black available. It has a a couple little flaws that could be repaired. Otherwise it is in good shape and not dried out.

I’m looking for a rear bumper. Any luck?

Hi, I’m looking for a few items. 70 front bumper, green dash pad, passenger side rocker molding and the trim around the vinyl top around the bottom rear section. I am in California. Thanks Mike

Do you have 69 tail light chrome bezel in good shape?

I’m also looking for a decent decor black door panels for a 69.

Any Power Steering Hoses? Looking for the 2 shorter hoses from the control valve to the ram cylinder.

How about 1970 351C breather assembly?

any strut rods?

any driver doors? Thanks

I need good 69 black decor door panels.

Are you still selling any 69 Cougar parts or have they pretty much all been sold? Thanks either way!

What are you looking for specifically?