69/70 Style steel wheels 15" wanted

Looking for 15" style steel wheels. I have several sets of 14"s,but need 15 wheels. Can’t seem to find any, backordered…

Thanks, Bill

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Hi …
Any chance you might have a set of 14” x 6” for sale ?

which style? I have 4 15 inch 5 spoke magnum types-

Im gonna keep the 14" in case I cant find 15’s. Theses are the original Cougar style steel wheels. The 69/70 Cougar never got the Magnum wheels from the factory.
Thanks though!

I am looking for 1 ea. 14" cougar styled steel wheel, complete and straight. Any idea as towhere to find one? Thank you, David

I didn’t know Cougar’s got 15 in wheels pre 1971? I thought they were all 14 in. Also, '69 and '70 Eliminator styled steel wheels are different. '69 are same as mach 1 and '70 were argent 5 spoke

No 15" on Cougars no matter the wheel. I’m looking for 15 repop wheels…