69 70 XR 7 Dash Wiring Harness

I’ve had this harness for years thinking it was for a 67-68 Cougar XR 7. Alas that is not the case. It is indeed an XR 7 wiring harness but for a 69-70 XR 7. It’s in very good condition but still likely a grade B harness.

It also comes with a few misc smaller harnesses/pigtails.

$300 plus shipping.

Looking at the ignition plug, the dash harness appears to possibly be for a 1970 FoMoCo application.
Looking at other features of the dash harness, the instrument cluster plug and headlight switch plugs do not appear to be correct for 1970 Cougar.

Thanks for the information. Guess I’ll just pitch it the trash unless there’s a way I can narrow down the application.

I would send some detailed pictures, if not the harness itself, to Randy at MidLife Harness Restorations. He’ll know.

Good suggestion from DroptopCougar. The harness could definitely be of use.