69 A/C water valve location

Hey, does anybody have picture how i install water valve and heater hoses? I have now new heater core and concours correct hoses but i am not sure how they should be. Thanks!

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What engine?

Sorry, i forgot to say. 351w

I just installed mine. My thread is about two weeks back. Not sure how to link thread.

check thread (water valve installed backwards?)

From firewall hose goes 90 degree up, then comes water valve? Both hoses goes over intake manifold?
If somebody have better picture it would be nice!

The 1970 Ford shop manual has illustrations of the hose routings. I would expect the same to be true for the '69

You are correct. The inboard hose (Driver side heat port) has the valve installed and terminates on the forward port on the intake manifold. I will try to get a photo to you. The outside hose runs from the passenger side heat port to the water pump.

Here the photos I promised.

Thank you!