69 CJ manual trans markings

Here are some photos of the close ratio trans in a 69 cougar CJ. Are these factory markings? If does anybody know where you can purchase these stamps or stensels?

I’m trying to determine the original finish for 69 hood hinges. I removed all the paint and hinges look like some kind of cad or metal treatment. What is best way to restore.

The photos of the transmission do not show here. Hood hinges you need to bead blast them and then coat with phosphate and oil to duplicate the factory finish.

As Royce mentioned no pictures

Depending on which transmission you have there would only be two stamps that were originally used not stencil or stencil font used though you will find tons of them done incorrectly with that font on the internet.

If its one of the more popular stamps then yes they can be made up. The Boss 302 Registry and the 428CJ sites were given stamps for the transmissions that relate to their cars though many like to have their own to keep and to hold.

Other, possible six or more markings were done by hand in various colors.

Thanks for the info guys. I haven’t figured out how to load photos.

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Royce, Thanks for your help. I’m new to trying to do a restoration. Something I’ve been thinking about the hardware and parts that are phosphate and oil . Aren’t these parts going to rust again. What is your opinion on this and if so what can you do about it

Often people will paint or coat the surfaces to rust. If you choose to coat you need to fins products that go on thin so the surface does not look coated. Also have to consider the different tones of the metal examples, new looking stamped steel top, case natural case and brighter machined surfaces to name a few.

I’ve used ceramic paint paint (its heat teared or cured and also used for exhaust manifolds for the fresh cast iron look

At the OP/Dave’s request here are his pictures and my response I sent him in an email

Passenger side

Drivers side

The markings we see are factory ones applied by workers at the plant that assembled them then shipped them to the individual car assembly plants.

Easy markings are the GAE stamp on the drivers side low that was a quick identifier of what type of transmission, RUG-AE2 in this case, The number stamp applied above the shifter arm studs was likely the worker that assembled the transmission rather than an inspector. You will notice that each of these are done with a different size and style of font.

The rest of the hand applied markings we don’t understand and there are often a dozen or so. Likely identified that the case had had some process done, machining for example, during the prep and assembly process. These were typically applied in all sorts of colors but always with a brush. We don’t have thousands or even 500 examples so its difficult to find any real pattern if there was one other than the general location of each

Hope this helps

There are often others including ones at or near the speedo cable attachment point and on the front bearing retainer