69 convertible seat belt question... Help!?

Hi All

I am preparing a 69 cougar for a South Australian roadworthy.

Looking for help/information! as it was manufactured in 68 it needs to have lap belts in it. Except I have retractable lap sash belts (which I would rather keep), which is fine as long as that was an option sanctioned by Ford.

Because the seatbelt angles over the shoulder are wrong and not to “code”, if they were never there they need to be engineered to the current standard in OZ… I would need to pay an engineer a lot of money to prove there is no C pillar to attach to with the correct angles (it is a convertible!)… and then once that is proven, because these were done to the standard of the day in Queensland, they wont be to the standard of today (welds and reinforcements) in SA, so I basically would have to;

  • go and get everything “engineered” proving why standard shoulder height of blah blah percentile person cannot be done

  • Engineer a best alternative

  • then stripped out old ones

  • then welded back in with gussets and reinforcements

  • then ADR belts would need to be installed by a certified seat installer

Otherwise I go backwards and return to a lap belt and remove all traces of the lap sash…

Question, did any MY69 Cougar convertibles ever have a dealer option with sash belts in this position?, if so, does any one have a brochure or pictures of this? I trolled though and saw the WCCC video that says not from factory… :frowning:

ie positioned like my belts.

Any help appreciated!

That was never done by Ford only a lap belt.

Won’t they accept that it was previously engineered with the belts. That way you can use the “code” compliance date for the original engineering

Thanks Cougarrand…

Thanks Leon

They wont accept Qld compliance or the fact the car was Legal in Qld and Vic.

Reverting to my build thread, (I though I would try casting the wider net here for a specific technical topic)

Thanks to all that dropped by for a read!