69 Cougar 428 CJ hardtop for sale

Selling my 69 XR7 original 428 CJ Cougar (Q code). Very correct car with original 428 CJ engine #s match, original Cobra jet C6 transmission, & 9 inch rear end. Car has 97,000 original (undocumented) miles. Features power steering, power disk brakes, factory A/C (have all under hood a/c parts), AM/FM stereo, console, original leather interior, Magnum 500 wheels, & more.
Cougar has never been wrecked or rusted and still has all original body panels, and only one inexpensive (production) repaint since new.
This is an unrestored original car that has plenty of big block grunt and drives well. Has clean title and current registration.
Asking $26,900 obo. Car is in Southern California

I could not add most of my photos for some reason so below is a link to my Los Angeles Craigslist ad:

UPDATE 10/07/2019

Sweet car. Wish I had barrels full of cash laying around.

I like it

Looks like the deal of the day!

Seems like a fantastic deal for such a wonderful car. Wow.

Nice car & good price for a CJ that is described as mostly original & without rust… You don’t see a ton of those with the C color.

Unrelated, but I am curious if anyone knowns when an XR7 would get painted C-pillar emblems vs. straight metal emblems? My 70 XR7 in Dark Ivy Green has painted ones & that is what I can find for repro’s, but I’ve seen the other version on some pictures….

As far as I know, all the C pillar XR-7 badges were painted & filled w/ a clear plastic. This plastic yellows w/ age & will separate cleanly from the chrome, taking the paint with it. I believe this is why you have seen so many w/ out any paint.

Years ago, there was a person from Canada who redid these, but I never saw the finished badge, only his work on other Cougar parts. Not good.
He blamed the post office & the altitude for his poor work… (I live west of the “Mile High City”)
just a warning…

The guy who used to restore the 1969 / 1970 C-pillar emblems was Ray Harwood in Maine. I bought one of his a few years back - it was quite good, I’d rate it as 90 - 95 % (when I compared it directly to a couple of NOS emblems I had ). I’m not sure whether Ray is still involved in Cougars. The Canadian company is Critter Creek Cougar in Red Deer Alberta. I had some contact with Darren ( the owner ) and wasn’t impressed - too pushy and his knowledge base was rather shallow. Seemed to be a vendor for parts, rather than a manufacturer / restorer. He did at one time make vacuum hose sets and a rebuild service for the hidden headlight vacuum ‘motor’ for WCCC, but the hoses certainly weren’t concours ( the grommet was not molded to the hose set and was a poor replica of the original. ) I never did end up buying a hose set from him. You can get the gist of the business / business practices from a thread ( “Critter Creek” ) on the mercurycougar.net of November 30th, 2016.

I’m not a big fan of 69s, XR-7s or vinyl roofs but I must say… sharp ride. :thumbup:

Ray Harwood was up on the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. Mike Blum, I believe, is the person in Maine.

All I could come up with is…WHOA !!


Here is the listing…


I’m getting the same problem as Frank. Link indicates it has been deleted?

Love to see more of this fine 69

69s are my second favorite and wish I had the cash for this one! smoking deal!