69 cougar

Hello need help trying to get my first cougar. It’s a 69 guy told me it is a rx7 but after looking at it I had my doubts it has xr7 emblem above glove box. But it has no ac no toggle switches above radio no tach and the vin code says 91 not 93 so I think someone was messing with it to try to make it look like a rx7. It has 351 w 2 barrel motor runs great 54000 miles tranny is bad driver side tourqe box is bad needs work overall. It does come with a good tranny. He wants 5300 $ I want to buy it but I just found out I don’t think it’s a rx7 so is the value there ? Any help I would appreciate thanks

$5300 for a beat up Standard hardtop with rust and a bad transmission? Seems kinda steep to me (but maybe I’m just getting old). :think:

What is your budget? Give us a price range to shop in and I bet we can find you some other Cougars to consider.

Do you prefer a certain year?
Do you need it to be in a certain area / location, or are you willing to travel / ship a vehicle?

This one is close to home not really looking to spend more than the 5000. I like 69 and before