'69 Door panel removal

How difficult is it to remove door panels on a '69 XR7 with power windows? Are they held in by clips, screws or what? Any info appreciated.

It’s not terribly difficult, but there are a lot of steps involved. I can’t help with the power window part, but have read that those switches are attached to the panel from behind, so they must come off with the panel. Probably a wiring connector needs to be separated similar to courtesy lights mentioned below.

You need to remove the remote mirror adjuster. WCCC sells a special tool. Or you can use channel lock pliers with jaws taped to protect the nut. Remove the nut and push the adjuster back into door. The chrome surround stays attached.

The arm rest needs to come off - three large bolts. Use a nut driver - socket will fall off and get stuck inside the arm rest.

Pull strap has a screw on each end - hidden under the shiny bit. That bit is glued on, and needs to be pried off to access screws. Repros are available or reglue yours to reassemble.

Door speaker cover needs to come off if so equipped. Four screws.

The panel itself is held on by little clips around the perimeter (except top).

The pointy end goes into holes in the metal of the door. The other end is wedged around the cardboard door panel backer.

You need to get a stiff putty knife behind the panel or get a door panel removal tool from your local parts store’s bargain bin.


Be careful, it is easy to pull the clip through the cardboard backer of the door panel, rather than from the door.

Courtesy light wire needs disconnected after panel is loose. Reach behind and separate at the connector.

Door lock thingamajig unscrews to remove.

Finally, lift the panel up to get it loose from window channel and to clear the door lock rod. It helps to hold the interior door handle open with your third hand to help clear that handle.

I might have forgotten something, so don’t force it until you know everything is loose.

Thank you very much! I will tackle it tomorrow.