69 Grille Alignment

Dear All,

I am the proud new owner of a 69 convertible. She is in nice shape but not perfect. One of the things that I would like to correct is the front grille alignment. In particular the drivers side half grille, inboard and outboard segments (for this one peace unit), don’t line up.

Don Rush at WCCC has put together a nice video for correcting the 67 / 68 grille. Any tricks for the 69?

Thank you.
(there will be more goofy questions from this newbie)

Without a pic…have to assume your problem is with wear on one of these parts> http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/Search.aspx?SearchTerms=1969%20Mercury%20Cougar%20grill%20eyelid%20bushings

Is it the eyelid door that doesn’t line up, or is it one of the stationary grille parts?

Hello 67.5xr7 and Mike_B_SVT,

Thank you for your replies. Ref the attached photo, the whole grille requires alignment. Looking at it I would take the hood line as being reasonably true and everything else below it adjusted to match, including the bumper.

What has me going a little bit is the drivers side section, Grille Half - Driver Side - Grade B - Used ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar ( 1969 Mercury Cougar ) at West Coast Classic Cougar :: The Definitive 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar Parts Source , where the headlight door aligns with the outboard section but not the inboard. This is a one section pot metal casting.

Can it be brought true like Don has done with the 67/68?

Thanks for your feedback.

Adjust the hood stop bumper on the drivers side up a little. The drivers side fender extension (eyebrow) needs to go down a little on the hood alignment side. Bumper on the drivers side need to go down. The grill looks as if someone stood on it and pushed it down and out. Should be able to fatigue it back…pot-metal. Loosen its mounting points to the core support and straighten to match passenger side components. Something is going on with the stone deflector alignment, maybe lower valance or bumper bracket…difficult to tell by pics. To be honest, it looks like it has been tagged on the drivers side front and whoever put it back together was not very proficient at parts alignment.

Hi 67.5xr7,

Thank you for your thoughts. I will try what you suggest but it may be a while as I am away and will not be able to get back at her for some time : ( I will keep you posted once I make the alterations.


I have made the adjustments to the grille as suggested and also picked up a reconditioned set of hood and eyebrow mouldings from WCCC (good improvement over the old set).

The big problem that I came across was the drivers side grille. The casting behind the inboard headlight is cracked causing the assembly to sag resulting in a misalignment with the headlight door.

Can this casting be repaired or am I looking at a replacement?

Thank you

Probably best to replace it…

That casting does not like to weld…


There are a few places (very few) that repair pot metal. Chroming places that know how to do potmetal would be the places to check out although I don’t have any names. Generally if the grille half is cracked, it would be cheapest/easiest to replace it.

I may have a driver’s side single that I would be willing to part with. I will have a look.


Thank you for your comments / feedback.