‘69 Grille and Bumpers

I have a complete ’69 Grille assembly and front and rear bumpers both in ‘good driver’ condition that I don’t need. I’m in Columbus, GA, and would be willing to drive and meet up if someone is interested. Shoot me a PM and I’ll provide all the pictures you want.

I’d like to sell the grille as a unit for $700 and the bumpers for $175 each. I’m open to shipping but I’m sure it would be a lot.

No cracks or broken ribs on the grille, it even comes with the original headlights!


Side note: if anyone knows of a Cougar parts seller/buyer near me, please let me know who they are so I can get in contact.

Rear bumper no longer available.


Can I purchase grill? Any pictures?

Hey I’m interested in the 69 front bumper. Is it still for sale? Contact me.

Is the grille still available?

Can you load pics ?