69 headlights, helper clock springs question

Hi All

Quick question about the light cover clock springs… are they meant to both be helping open? My car has one orientated help open, and one help close… if both springs engaged then the car looks cockeyed… and vacuum can’t overcome the springs.

I dis-engaged both so neither spring helps and the light doors are not twisted. But I have get out and help ‘‘em open.

They should both be set to help to open the covers

Sounds like you have a failed actuator. Both springs should open the doors when vacuum fails.

That is what I thought, fail to open…

The one on the passenger side (US Drivers side) is backwards. With the springs the way they are since I bought the car, the opposing forces twist the shafts and rag joints meaning the light doors go miss aligned.

I unhooked the clock springs so the doors are square, with the lights on they open 2/3, I jump out and push the last third where they stay.

I am figuring it is a leaking valve on the vac tank or a function of my big cam low vacuum. It could be actuator.

I might flip the spring , have them both help open, see if the doors close under vacuum.

Thanks for counsel.

The springs should be oriented to push the doors up. Royce is definitely right because this is a safety feature that lets you use your lights when you need them. Also check the hoses that run from the light switch to the actuator. I replaced mine with silicon tubing I bought in bulk from Summit Racing. Easy to install.