'69 Heater hose, painted steel tube or one piece rubber?

When rebuilding my '69 XR7 R code CJ engine, I ordered the proper heater hoses for a factory A/C CJ from Marti. MIne had a short rubber hose unit attached to a painted steel tube that ran along the passenger valve cover/intake manifold line and had a support that attached onto one of the valve cover bolts, and then a short rubber hose section to the nipple on the water pump. The new Marti Concours Autolite stamped hoses are one piece rubber all the way. Wondering what is correct for an early '69 (late September '68 build date) San Jose build.

I think you are supposed to use the tube but defer to an FE guy/gal to confirm.

I don’t think the metal tube is correct.

Many people consider this guy the authoritative source: http://www.sunbunnybrown.com/detailshop/manual/

Pictures from right side of engine show the heater hoses best.

Also, shop manual section 16-01-21 shows hose routing, and does not appear to have metal tube (except on the 429 engine).

Thanks! Those pictures show the one piece Autolite hose pretty well.

So you have a tube but it is not correct to use one? Seems odd…

No telling how many parts have been put on/taken off this car in 45 years, not odd at all to have incorrect parts. In fact, it would be odder to have all the correct parts after 45 years.

I have been reading the restoration guide from Semo Mustang, and it states that 69 CJ did not have metal tubes, but 70 does. He lists 8 unique features the 70 had that the 69 did not.