'69 Hertz Eliminator garage find

Noob here - looked through the forum last night for info on this car and hope this is new for the Registry.
Went to an estate sale in Palm Desert, CA with my boss and got to see this:

'69 Hertz Eliminator, VIN 9F91M559926. Data plate:

Codes: 65A 9 EA 01D 53 6 X
More photos; some mine, some from the auction site:

Front air dam missing.

Odometer mileage shows as 23,087; old faded oil change sticker from (I think) 1987 shows 22,276.
Price? Wellll… asking $40,000. A bit much, no?
My boss ended up being more interested in the Buick vert next to it; he already owns this '67 Cougar his aunt bought new:

Anyway, if you want to check it out, the sale continues tomorrow:

Thanks for looking!

It’s great to have dreams. $40K is a dream for that car.

What is it with the 69 Cougar?? Why do they ALWAYS get a boop on the hood chrome??? It’s like a mean human is always the kitty to stay off the counter-

Hertz Eliminators didn’t have the front air dam.
$40k is a bit much.

I heard that it sold for $35k.