69 hertz eliminator

Hello, started this project with my dad at 23, now 46 and still plugging away . Got it back to my house again a few days ago.

Here’s another

It looks beautiful. As does your garage space.

Are you able to write your story for ATSOTC magazine. It would be fantastic to hear all about your car and journey with your dad to its final restoration.

Please email details and photos to editor@CougarClub.org


Very cool! It looks great!

Can’t wait to hear more about your very rare Hertz Eliminator.

Have you checked out the Eliminator book on the CCOA website?


Nice work! Kudos for sticking with it after so many years. Would love to hear more about your story!

That’s what you call a long term project :slight_smile: The end results looks great!

Thanks for the kind words. I will share the story when I have an hour or so. !

I’ll be in touch soon

Some pics shortly after we got it, that’s me at 23 wrenching on it . It was worse than it looks in the pics, but I didn’t know that then lol. Sorry about the sideways pics not sure why they uploaded that way

Great pictures! I cleaned them up a bit for easier viewing.

Hertz Elim 2.jpeg