69 hood and hood scoop

On my 69 cougar with 428cj is there a gasket or seal of sorts between the hood scoop and hood? The paint is starting to wrinkle and afraid will start peeling. Thanks

The air cleaner is something like 2 1/4" away from the hood. That space is occupied by the flapper top and the seal. Yours is missing? No way the stock setup will do that.

If your asking is where the top side of the hood and the hood scoop meet, no there was not a gasket. I have seen a couple original hoods that had a scoop on them and you could feel a indentation where the edge of the scoop sat on the hood. As well as one I had painted and put a scoop on.

The one in my photo has an original hood, scoop, air cleaner, ram air plate and seal.

Yes that is what i was referring too. Either scoop installed while paint too fresh or too tight with a bit of sharp underedge making an excellent paint job a mess is my thought

Something is really wrong with your engine then.

Royce, he is talking about the top of the hood to scoop mounting area. Not the underside of the hood.

I can’t imagine any decent painter would install the hood scoop in less than a week of drying time.