69 rear window gasket replacement

Hi, the rear window is out because I am having the headliner replaced and a vinyl top installed. I tried putting the new gasket on and am wondering what is the best way to put it on? Should I let the gasket sit in the sun for a bit? Would a little or light soapy solution help to slide it on the window? Just looking for some pointers while I wait for the work on the car to be completed. Thanks

Dosen’t really mater it is a tight stretch to get the gasket around the window. don’t need soap, start at the bottom and pull the rope. helps to have a second person on the outside to push the window down.

Thanks Cougarrand, I know the rope trick getting the window in, I was looking for some tips on getting the gasket on the window easily. It is a tight fit and guess just pulling and working slowly is the key.