'69 sitting

Friend informed me of a '69 sitting in his neighborhood, been sitting for a long time. So I google mapped it and found it…looks real rough, not sure if it’s for sale, and don’t think the hood scoop is factory…I was going to go and ask the owner if he had plans for it.

My imagination wants to think there’s a hint of an old CJ hood stripe on there, but there probably isn’t :buck:

Could be rare gols sitting there. I found the Hemi Challenger I owned sitting at the curb accross the street from where I was gassing up. It had at least a 1/2 inch of dirt on it and all I could see were the larger letters size on the engine call out badges. Had I not gone over and checket out on the rare chance it was something special it would have nevr become mine to own. CHECK IT OUT or you will always wonder, What if !

Copy all…will go look at it this weekend, it’s only about 30 minutes away…hahahaha…this an island, everything is 30 minutes away!

Looks like an Eliminator hood scoop to me or an R code with ram air…Better check it out!

Hood scoop looks right to me…

Hard to tell for sure but it looks like paint code 6 in the front, which was one of the four, 1969 Eliminator colors, and maybe a blacked out grille.

I went to see it today, oh boy! This poor car is in terrible shape, been sitiing awhile. A very old lady came to the door but I could not understand or hear her. I did not want to go inside the gate, so I will go back this weekend to see if anyone else is home.
Looks like the car had some performance, like hood locks, but I can’t tell much of anything…did not want the old lady getting nervous, so I just grabbed a couple pictures. Hopefully will get more info this weekend. Soooo sad to see such a great car in this condition…

BTW…the car directly behind this cougar, under the cover, is either a '69 or '70 Mustang Fastback…maybe a Mach1.

I kinda think the car is blue, but painted over a yellow…

HOLY CRAP! :eek2: That’s a definite Hall-of-Shame candidate…

oh yeah…I’ll try that…

Notice the high back buckets with comfort weave? Notice it has a Eliminator mirror, wheels and blacked out grille? Scoop looks original. I have never seen a car that rusty in person, where is it located? Boston?


I hope that Cougar wasn’t used as a parts car for that Mustang.

Wow, maybe there is a chance? Will definitely go back this weekend…soooo rusted! The weather plus salt air here…does it.
I emailed you the two pictures for your hall of shame, if you wnat to use…

Woof, that thing is rough.

Looks like it was a factory yellow car, hood scoop, high back bucket seats, good chance that it is an Eliminator.

I’ve always imagined that if I ran across a cool barn find that’s pretty much what it would look like. And the owner would quote me $10,000.

Haynmerc - what neighborhood is this in?

I’m here on the rock as well and definately agree with the amount of salt air creating major rust problems.

I just said to myself “What’s under the tarp?”

DON, He’s right! You have to add it to the Hall of Shame on your website!