'69 Speed Control Turn Signal Identification Help

Hello All,

Need some help here please. I thought I knew what I was looking for, but now I am a little confused. My 69 XR-7 came with factory speed control. Over the years the turn signal lever has broken and I have been on the hunt for a replacement. These are rare and hard to find, but I have the opportunity to purchase a NOS Mint one I found. Here is the issue, I just looked at the old one and the label that was still on it shows a part number of D1VA-9D752-BA. This thru me because I have been looking for (and found) the lever with a part number of D1VY-13305-A. So, which number is actually correct or are they both the same? Did I have the wrong lever on my car all along and never realized it or ???
I’m not able to see the NOS one in person, so I’m kind of flying in the dark here. Does anyone have a picture of the correct one?

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According to the MPC the 13305 assembly is correct for a '69 Cougar.

Great! Now I won’t feel bad about spending the money. Sounds like my car didn’t have an original after all. Thanks for the info

Remember there are part numbers and there are engineering numbers bot assigned to the same part but can look very different (different letters and numbers)

Here is a picture of the turn stalk your looking for

Hope it helps

Well, its on its way now, so I will have to wait until it arrives to be sure.

:cry: Update, I just heard from my guy on this and he informs me now that it is broken on the end. All my hopes now crushed!


You can visit ebay every few months and check for the lever. I search with ‘Mustang or Cougar or Lincoln’ speed control also cruise control.
They are out there.


Thanks Jim, I do regularly check eBay for this and other parts. This was such a great deal though, I couldn’t pass it up. Great price and Mint condition. Some of those listed on eBay go for unheard of & crazy prices.

I might have an interesting option for you, PM sent.