69 Standard convertible motor mount

Hi guys,

Need help. I split a motor mount in my 69 convertible - 351w.

I bought replacement mounts from a parts store that amazingly had them in stock- Duralast 2257 made in India. Same product number for L/R. Driver side in no problem, no luck fitting passenger side.

The production look and bolt holes, were identical to each other but not to originals.

I ordered L/R motor mounts from Anchor, made in USA. PRoduction looked much closer to OEM. Although 5ey specified L/R, they are the same part number 2257.

Same issue.

The part number from the originals - C7TZ6038E indicate it is for a 1967 small block. Further websites indicate it is NOT FOR CONVERTIBLES.

Thoughts on how to proceed are greatly appreciated

In order to use reproduction SBF engine mounts, you would have to change your engine frame stands to the 1968-70 small block, hard top style.
1967 owners with 289 engines have the same problem.
The good news is that the frame stands that came in your convertible, can be sold to guys with 390 or 428CJ.

So, what should I be looking for Ina motor mount?

It may not be that easy. If you change the frame stand that will change the height of the engine- trans. You could end up with exhaust clearance issue in the tunnel. The pipes may hit the convertible cross member plate.

So I guess I’m ordering NOS with the same part number.

I got my first NPD catalog… 2nd Edition and was this. Anyone have more info on compatibility.

The 67 and 69-70 convertible mounts are not reproduced. To use the common mount offered by everyone you need these stands.


Your only other option is to buy a used mount.


Almost every parts catalog and website has the wrong information. Those that have been there and bought said mounts will concur.

Thanks Don… I hedged my excitement over the “new”

I had this problem with a 69 XR7 convertible. When I swapped the original frame mounts for small block ones, it shifted the engine/transmission about 3/16 of an inch. To handle this, I had to adjust the shifter linkage. There were no other fitment or clearance issues

maybe this has been answered previously, but what is the difference between a 69 hardtop motor mount and a 69 convertible motor mount? particularly for a 351W car?

The location of the holes. See the attached pictures.

Pictures thanks to West Coast Classic Cougar.

Does that mean for a 69 351w vert I should buy the 390 - 42x mount?

You need the hard top “ENGINE PEDESTAL / FRAME BRACKET” and then the available insulator(what most call the motor mount) will work. The pictures I posted earlier are showing the deference in the 2 types.

Find them here.

This is a Small Block mount or Isolator,

This is a 390.428 Big Block mount.

They will not bolt to the wrong engine.

Keep in mind we are working on a convertible motor mount, will be ready in summer 2021

Hold on to your '67 or convertible engine stands (I did) for when the above event takes place.

I replaced the engine stands/isolator on my '67 w/'68 spec parts from WCCC. Thanks Don, the engine stands looked brand new after a bath in the parts washer & a soak in Evapo-rust: factory paint daubs & everything.

I replaced a motor mount on my 69 convert,with a std insulator- mount, with no fitment issues, does this imply the previous owner has previously changed to the upgraded bracket ?

My first thought is yes. But I can’t see what you have in your car from here. Do you know the pat number of the one you put in?