69 vs 70 body lines

Question/Opinions, would the 70 side stripe match up the same if i were to put it on a 69? I know the wheel arch is bigger but is top body line the same? Before the purists chime in it’s only a base model and I’m not wanting to make a eliminator clone , just think the 70 stripe accentuates the body line better than the 69 that stops 3/4 of the way … or if anyone has any other options would like to see pics.

They will work just fine on your 1969. I like them a little better then the understated ones for a 1969 Eliminator.
Way back when I built 2 70 Eliminator clones. First one was built on a 1969 using everything from my first 70 XR7. The second one used a lot of parts from the first Clone. But I painted the stripes on them.

Yes, the Eliminator stripes will work between the two years provided that your car is a hardtop coupe. We found that the convertible quarter panels are contoured differently, and the stripes will not lay down where they should, if cut for a coupe. Search Eliminator stripes on the catalog for each version and colors.

Thanks for the info. Yes it’s a hardtop. Cool will check out the catalog