69 XR-7 Nugget Gold Seat

The interior of my new 69 is in remarkably good shape except for the driver’s seat. Any chance there is one out there somewhere in decent condition that would match the rest of the interior?

I feel like I just bought a lottery ticket. Chance of winning…1 in 684 billion.

When I get up in my shop attic, I’ll look at mine to see what it’s like. I’ll post a pic if its decent.

Thank you Axshun. I’m definitely not looking for perfect. This is a matching and will do situation!

I got up in the attic today. It’s been a good while since I looked at my seat. It’s actually worse than yours. As a matter of fact, it’s not even worth taking a pic! Good luck with your search!

Thank you for checking. I’m in a very unusual conundrum since my entire interior looks 10 years old. Replacing the front seat with new vinyl would look odd.

Maybe find a donor passenger seat that could transplant the front panels onto your driver seat?

An excellent idea. It now strikes me that a small patch to cover the latch hole on the right side wouldn’t be particularly visible.

Updated request…an original Nugget Gold XR7 seat cover, passenger or driver side!