69 XR7 428CJ Fast Eddie Car

This is a cool car provided the seller can backup his statements…

Oh, you mean this one Scott new rare find - Classic Cougar Community Discussion - Classic Cougar Community Forum Is there an echo in here. :poke: :buck: John

Yes, Cougar was own by Fast Eddie Schartman, his name is on the title. Marti Report states 1 of 4 Black and Gold. If anyone is interested in car PM me,
as I may sell to help move my business in a new direction, thanks to the lousy economy.
I will try to post some documentation, but not so tech savvy…

What is the cannister in front of the LH shock tower?

Fuel pump or remote oil filter?

Looks like it sold, lots of work but could be a nice one. Who bought it, speak up! We need lots of pictures.

Looks like electric pump fuel filter.

I took pictures of title and Marti Report, can be seen at this link…

Interesting, I don’t recall ever seeing the designation “Volume Stock” in the order type line. Anyone know what it means?

Hello 17, are you the new owner?

yes, I own this car and unfortunately, now need to sell it.

Sorry to hear that. Truly a neat car in a great/unique color combo. I’m sure someone will be enchanted enough to take on the task. Good luck.