69 XR7 No brake light no turn signal

I posted earlier and I might not of made my question clear do to multiple issues. My main problem is no brake or turn signals. I checked the fuse that is ok and I replaced the flasher “ had a solid state one in there” but nothing. I should have checked for incoming power but I checked the circuit breaker by the fuse box and have no incoming power. I had my gauge cluster completely apart and installed new led lights and lenses they light up fine. Is it possible the work I did on the instrument panel caused a short to the turn signal switch and fried it? I did have the fuse box unscrewed and was checking it out but installed back with no issues I could see. Any help appreciated

There’s 2 large (thick) wires with 90* connectors on them that go to a circuit breaker. The black/green wire is BAT power, so it should always be hot and is not fused. The other is green/red and goes to the brake switch If you have no power at the black/green wire, then there is a problem with your main power wiring somewhere in your underdash harness. Your dash cluster really doesn’t have anything to do with it if true, nor the turn signal switch.
More than likely, the circuit breaker has failed and you do have power at the black/green wire.