'69 XR7 Speedometer

The speedo needle bounces between 10mph and 60mph while driving. Any ideas as to why.
Also, I’m considering changing out the gauges to update the instruments. Any suggestions as to where I can find the replacements?

IIRC its the speedodometer coil inside the cable housing that needs to be greased/lubed. You`ll have to remove the entire cable assy lube the inside with grease and reinstall it.


So the inner speedometer cable comes dry if you buy a new one. Fortunately the inner cable can be removed easily. You just have to take the transmission end of the cable out. Remove the metal clip that secures the gear to the end of the cable, and remove the plastic gear.

Now the entire center of the cable can be pulled out. I use a can of grease and coil the center into the can of grease. You might wear rubber gloves, it gets messy!

What is the best grease for this?

Any kind that is cheap.

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