70 Eliminator Wheels

Does anyone know if there were many of the 70 Eliminators with the Rallye Wheel Covers?
I have never seen one, but maybe most people replaced them with other wheels over the years?

Dave would have the numbers on the rallye wheel covers, but yeah rare on a Cougar. They’re not that common on a Mustang. I had a perfect set back in the 80’s that were on a car hauling trailer. Didn’t think they were anything special back then, just hub caps. Yep, left them on the trailer when it was sold :unamused:

532750 originally came with them.
They are safely stashed away in favor of S/S wheels.

I meant to pull them out of the box :wink: just to see if the “caps were removable!”

Would sure like to find a set of Rallye covers. My long lost '70 std had them from the factory.

Yes, the caps are removable, but you need to unbolt them from the reverse side, they do not pull off, like the styled steel wheels.

There are 3 sizes of the rally covers 14x6, 14x7 and 15x7.

I do not have the breakdowns for each of the wheel options for a 1970 Eliminator.

Dave is right of course.

Interesting that the option is not called out on the window sticker or Marti Report.

I’m guessing it’s listed on the build sheet as R= Rallye
S= Steel wheel

Strange they are not called out on the Marti or Invoice at $15.60 retail/ $12.30 dealer cost.
The build sheet for my dog dish car also has the “R” in “E-10”

They were on my Pastel Blue one which is the earlier picture that some people think was white. I’m not sure if wheel covers would be on a build sheet as they were not installed on the assembly line.
They would be shipped loose in the vehicle, so would be one of the last things put in the vehicle.

I thought that maybe just the Marti info. was missing the details.
e.g( I have a report without the dealer info.) , but the Eminger Report doesn’t show it listed either.

Maybe there were too many options listed already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The deluxe wheel covers were included with the Decor Group option
As noted in the 70 Brochure along with the wire wheel option

Looking through the '70 build sheets in my files, like Dave said, it looks like all of the “hub cap” cars got the same codes on the build sheet whether they were to receive poverty caps or Rallye wheel covers. I imagine the wire wheel covers were the same.

So it looks like the build sheets only showed two codes:

Styled Steel Wheels = 60LSAS
Styled Steel Wheels - Build Sheet - 60LSAS.JPG
Base Wheels / Hub Caps = 60_RS_
Standard Wheel Caps - Build Sheet - 60 RS.JPG
Here is a sample build sheet and invoice for 0F91G510220, which is a Rallye Wheel Cover car;

So Mike or anyone,
Not to hijack this thread
Have you determined what the H.D. Reference is following the Trackion-Lok Differential?

I believe it is for an N case over a conventional case .
Is that not correct?

Ah Ha!

Wheel Covers have their own slot on the build sheet: line D #9 “WHEEL COVERS”
Looks like…

Styled Steel Wheels = blank
Styled Steel Wheels - Build Sheet - D9 - blank.JPG
Base “Dog Dish” Hubcaps = T
Standard Wheel Caps - Build Sheet - D9 - T.JPG
Rallye Wheel Covers = R
Rallye Wheel Covers - Build Sheet - D9 - R.JPG
Wire Wheel Covers = (no sample to confirm, but guessing it would be “W”)