70 Eliminator Wheels

Hey guys,

Last weekend I bought a 70 Eliminator that needs everything. Looking at the Marti Report, the only thing it lists for the wheels is F70x14 Belted Raised White Letter Tires. It seems like the stock wheel would be some type of hubcap. Too bad the report didn’t say Styled Steel Wheels. Does anyone have a pic of what may have been stock?


There were 3 Eliminator wheel options in 1970,

1, Styled Steel Wheels
2, Rally Wheel covers

3, Dog Dish and trim rings (if nothing called out on your Marti or Invoice this is what they got)

Thanks Dave.

I like the look of the dog dish with rings.

Do these Dogdish have any wording on them?

No they do not.

So it would be crime against the Cougar Community if I did put some on that said Mercury?

I guess mine got dog dish as well, my least favourite option.
The XA had a smaller dog dish with 12 slots, which isn’t so bad! :unamused:
BTW what are the 2 chrome pieces under the front bumper? Ive never noticed those before.

Those are bumper guards which are included in the Appearance Protection Group. That option also included door edge guards and front & rear floor mats.

I have a question about the Rally wheel covers: I recall reading that there was a difference, but I don’t remember the details.
Is the Cougar version identical to the ones seen on the '70 Mustangs?

The center caps are different and of course there are different rim diameters and widths. The caps are relatively easy to swap out.

Thanks Dave!

Go with what you like. A change of wheels or hubcaps does not alter the originality of the car. You or someone else can easily go back to original. Just make sure to keep the originals if you have them.


The sport covers were indeed available in 14 & 15 inch. The 15" are extremely rare as I believe they were only offered on “Boss” equiped Mustangs and Cougars.


Hello guys,
Love the picture of the white 70 with the Rally Wheel covers.
I heard this was an option on Eliminators or maybe on all 70s?

Was it common on the 70 Eliminators?

I spent some time at Kevin Marti’s last week and found that there were actually 4 different wheel options on a 1970 Cougar Eliminator. The wire wheel covers were available on an Eliminator.
I do not have a picture of them on an Eliminator but courtesy of West Coast Classic Cougars,

Steve K.'s '70 CJ Eliminator (0F91Q539365) is one of the wire wheel Eliminators.

Wow, you really do learn something everyday!

Up until now, if I had seen a '70 Eliminator with those I would have sworn it wasn’t born with them.

  • Phillip

According to Kevin, less than 1% of 1970 Eliminators came with the wire wheel covers.

Right up there with curb feelers? LOL! Actually if one looks very closely at the Competition Blue Eliminator in Dave’s photo you will see another very uncommon Eliminator option the Protection Group. (see the chrome strip at the rear edge of the door and bumper guards under the front bumper)

Only the 1971 Cougar 429 was available with a 15" wheel and then only in a poverty cap. Here is a close up of the canter medallion that differs on Torino / Mustang / Cougar