70 eliminator

anybody from here?

Guesses as to the market for a car like that? Seems a little pricey to me, but I don’t really know.

I bought the car. 10 hrs each way between PA and MI. He was definitely high on his price, but he came down considerably after talking to him and we agreed on a number we were both happy with.



Share some pics !!! we love those


Here are some pics…

That’s the one from the Eliminators on the market thread.
I didn’t think it was that high at $29.5k.

Congrats that’s a nice looking Cougar.

zman - that’s correct.
Thank you!

Very nice! My favorite Eliminator color combination. The original paint is awesome, I would keep it as it is and drive the wheels off it.

Nice - get it road worthy and drive that sucker !!!

That’s the plan, Chris, Royce.
Tires and exhaust and I think it’ll be ready for the road. Over the winter I’ll do power front disc conversion.